Here is a collection of various works of writing I made over time.

Good old days

I still remember how would gently make me slide into the slot
Until I click, ready to be challenged.

When I was ill, you would blow into my fragile circuits,
So I can heal, and play the starting jingle again.

On sunny days, you would put me in your bag and bring me
To your friend’s house for entire Sundays.

The first time you pulled me out of the shiny cardboard box,
Brand new plastic I was smelling, and you hands were still shaking,
As you pressed the Power On button.

Now wipe the dust out of my body
And feel the thrill of the old days,
Until you say:
‘Crap, it looked much better when I was a kid.’

Written on 2020-03-07 on the theme “Senses” for Creating Writing Taster Day @ Nottingham with Maggi Fazzini

The Site That Sends You Mad

I am tired of website UI that feels like nobody tested them,
or maybe just shovel-hired people getting paid peanuts.
Their pages are digital time machines
that put you back to web 1.0, before “UX was invented”,
but without the excuse of having to code everything on your own.

I want to give you feedback on that buggy form
but Ctrl+F shows me no contact link.
Ironically, the only modern feature is that chatbot,
a renowned specialist in missing the point.

Yes, I want to speak to a human.
Ah! Finally someone who can understand me.
Let’s get this over with. My issue is…
No, I’ve already read this FAQ.
Your metallic assistant spammed me hyperlinks to it.

Oh, you have to stop working now,
so someone else will continue our talk?
Fine, but they are asking me the same questions all over again.
I’ll let them read what we’ve just discussed instead.

… It’s taking quite a lot of time…
Sorry, I have to go to sleep myself.
Maybe we can meet another day
to solve this issue,
if you don’t go amnesic all over again.

Okay, how do I copy the chat content
so I can back it up somewhere for later?
I’ll just highlight the text with my mouse…
Oh no! Releasing the button outside the chat window closed it!!

Initial draft written on 2020-03-07 on the theme “The Real Me: I am tired of…” for Creating Writing Taster Day @ Nottingham with Maggi Fazzini

Website version written on 2024-01-31


Waiting for my rival
I’m facing the goban alone
Studying patterns from the book
And preparing my strategy

Will that make the difference?
This opponent is tough
But the board is the neutral referee
I got my chances

Quarter to two
Almost time to go back to class
Once more, he didn’t come
And will probably never again

Why am I still here?
Because I have to
I’m the club leader
I’ll stay here until the close

Initial draft written on 2020-03-07 on the theme “Personal experience” for Creating Writing Taster Day @ Nottingham with Maggi Fazzini

Website version written on 2024-01-31

Iron first

Today I ironed my clothes for the first time
I had enough of looking like a hikikomori
— Although I probably am —
Now, no wrinkles, my shirt is smooth
It looks good on me, and it’s warm
I finally understand what my mother meant


It has been three months since I haven’t touched the iron
I had to work hard to balance the gacha
— So no time left to spend on futility —
My shirt is full of ripples, but I do know the trick
During video calls, I tilt the camera so it only shows my face
This is enough for me
But I miss the warmth of ironed clothes

Initial draft written on 2020-02-04 on the theme “I have done something new” for Songwriters Group Workshop @ Nottingham with Rikki Thomas-Martinez

Website version written on 2024-01-31