You can read my resume below or download the PDF.

Long Nguyen Huu

Game Programmer Skype: n_huulong Paris, France +33 6 98 06 82 74


I have 3 years of experience working in studios on shipped games for PC & console. I also enjoy working solo or in jams with lightweight engines. I’m enthusiastic about new tools and seek efficient workflows.


Engines Unity, Godot, Renpy, PICO-8, Unreal Engine
Programming languages C#, C++, Python, GDScript, Lua, Rust

Professional experience

Evil Genius 2

2020.10 - 2022.02 @ Rebellion Warwick, UK (remote work from France)

Construction and management simulation for Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

In-house engine - Gameplay & UI programming (C++)

  • Temperature system
  • Trap combo tracking system
  • New events & objectives
  • Misc fixes & improvements

Hotshot Racing

2018.11 - 2019.11 @ Sumo Digital, UK

Racing game for Windows, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

In-house engine - Gameplay, UI & Tool programming (C++/C#)

  • Money reward & car part unlock/purchase system
  • Improve track surface effects on gameplay and aesthetics
  • Improve boost system (charge gauge, PFX and screen FX, HUD animations)
  • Improve debug tool (C#)

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

2017.08 - 2018.08 @ Ubisoft Paris, France

Open-world military shooter for Windows, PS4, Xbox One

In-house engine - Gameplay programming in 3C team (C++)

Implement the following systems:

  • Injury system
  • Suppressive fire
  • Sync shot drone

and plug the associated character animations, voices, camera FX and/or network replication

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

2016.08 - 2016.12 @ Crazy Monkey Studios, Belgium (internship)

Indie run 'n' gun for Windows, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Unity - Gameplay programming (C#), Level design

  • Level design: prototype area with houses (whiteboxing, enemy spawns, switches and events)
  • Gameplay programming: bomber enemy (movement and attack behavior)
  • Tool programming: improve AI navmesh generation and custom editor tools

Personal projects

pico sonic (fan game)

2018.05 - 2023.02

A partial 8-bit demake of Sonic 3 made with PICO-8

  • Programming (Lua): menu, cinematics, in-game
  • Rebuild beginning of first level to work without enemies
  • Adapt sprite and SFX to lo-res
  • Convert and adjust FamiTracker BGM made by a chiptune composer for PICO-8


Postgraduate degree in Interactive Digital Experiences

2015.10 - 2017.02 @ Gobelins (Paris, France) - Enjmin (Angoulême, France)

Double degree of Master of Science in Engineering

2011.09 - 2015.08 @ Supélec (France) - Keio University (Japan)


English Full working proficiency
French Native
Japanese Limited working proficiency
German Limited working proficiency
Korean Beginner